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Frequently asked questions


What is Shutterupp?
Shutterupp is an online platform that provides a single place for all your education related searches and helps you to find the right institute as per your requirement.

How it came into existence?
With the passage of time it was felt that a digital platform is needed to cater all the requirement of students in their education or skill improvement related queries and this was the phase when shutterupp came into the existence.

How Shutterupp Works?
We at shutterupp are dedicated to help students in their education related requirements by providing them with the exact solution to their skill related needs. Our advance filters will help you in choosing the best and right institute as per your demands & requirements.

Why Should I List My Classes @ Shutterupp?
We are platform that works as a common bridge between skill seeker and provider, it is a great opportunity for the skill providers to list their business and generate more lead for their business.

What are the benefits of signing at Shutterupp?
For students we can help you to find the exact institute as per your requirement, the filters that we are using here are user friendly and work to make your search super easy and fast. For Skill Providers it is a great working platform to make your business grow fast and steady using the shutterupp platform.

Which cities currently Shutterupp serving ?
Currently we are working in Jaipur but have planned to expand in coming months.

Does Shutterupp charges Fees?
For students, we are and always be FREE. For Education Institutes, a small amount is charged that you can check on the details section. Facing difficult regarding at Shutterupp?

If there is any issue that you are facing with shutterupp then contact our team at or speak us at +91-8740 876 444

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